Wildcast ep 61: Thaydfest II Recap

Avid finally conquered the RL time boss and got this Wildcast edited! Behalter was unfortunately absent, but we have Dahk from STOS and Chestnut from Black Dagger Society on to talk about Drop 5 news and Thayfest II

Wildcast ep 59: Hello Again

Wildcast is back! A couple of important things that happened between when we recorded and this got posted: Make sure to check out this Future of PvP article here.

Wildcast ep 58: Housing Extravaganza

For our last episode of the year, Avid and Behalter take a look at some of the amazing housing creations that the WildStar community has made! Have yourselves a wonderful and blessed holiday season, and we will see you in the new year!

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