Sandi Gardiner. What can I say? How about 2 masters degrees in completely different subjects, a tv and film actress, a fashion line, an import/export racket out of Tokyo as a kid…. oh yeah, and she’s the VP of Marketing for CIG. Not too shabby.

Sandi joins us to talk about her gaming background (of course) and what we can expect for Star Citizens future marketing strategies. While she’s here, we also get some dirt on what its like to herd cats, ie; hosing The Next Great Starship.

Plus, answer our NEW doggie bag question in honor of Sandi: Give us your “wall of crazy” ideas for marketing Star Citizen. Unlimited budget. Go nuts.

All that, and doggie bag responses on your wall of crazy ideas for community events (In honor of Ben Lesnick) Find Sunny on twitter @sunnysdiner and Gaerrar @gaerrar


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    March 20, 2014 at 2:12 am Reply
    Okay, two celebrity guests in a row? You're moving up in the world. My crazy marketing idea is for them to come to small town BC and... no, not really. My actual crazy marketing idea is for them to send 15-30 people (fans, employees, whatever works) to every major city in every country where there are Star Citizens. EVERY major city. Simultaneously. These teams set up a booth in a public park for 2 to 3 days, They organise a few events with the local Star Citizen fanbase, and they hold a mini-expo. They'd advertise the heck out of this beforehand, get spots on global, national, and local networks, newspapers and websites advertising this worldwide Star Citizen event. They'd show off the game, give out tons of swag, and just generally incite a massive amount of Star Citizen madness. It would be totally free, and completely open for the general public to just wander in and look around. They could have it set up for those mini-tournaments, for a few people who registered beforehand. Actually, now that I think about it, they could have it so that anyone who wants to could do some dogfighting against some NPCs for a few minutes. I'm not sure how that would work, but hey, wall of crazy. Anything goes. Have people in Star Citizen costumes standing around. On the last night, there would be some kind of big Star Citizen-themed party, with live footage streaming from all the other locations around the world. Hey, they could even be streaming throughout the whole event. That way people could see just how big and awesome this new game they came to look at is going to be. TL;DR: Simultaneous, worldwide mini-expos in every major city. Huge exposure, tons of fun, everyone gets to try out dogfighting.
  • KiFi
    March 23, 2014 at 5:02 am Reply
    Now you have done it Sunny & G with your last two shows, who will you interview next? Or rather, when will you interview Chris? My crazy idea is to have a zeppelin manufactured in the actual size and shape of a Freelancer. This airship could fly too all major cons, sporting events. All of the crew would be dressed as Star Citizen characters. When the ship has landed for the night the crew and other members of the SC team could a meet and greet for local fans. Oh the base of operations would be several semi-trailers with their interiors decorated in a SC theme. These trailers are also equipped with all of the electronics for the fans to experience SC. Support vehicles can also provide food and beverages. And a food truck from Sunny's Diner! Heck, since we have unlimited funds this could be coordinated with ChickenVhett's tour idea for lots of media buzz.

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