In just a couple of days, the biggest, shiniest, most fan-freaking-tastic community event will be here – ThaydFest 4!  Make sure to show up and check out all the happenings!  Oh, yeah, we’ve got a show around here somewhere, too….


Content Update 1.5.1 is here!

VoA release

Signature Shop clarifications

Housing skies and tunes now on AH

Vet Expedition Lockboxes

New Race/Class Combos coming!

Cosmic Reward Tier Planned (no ETA yet)

Arena Rankings (as of 5/9)

Q1 earnings report

Introducing Protobucks

Donatelli’s Last Day (MOP article)


Soundtrack tease 

Take our Money!

Check out the awesome music!

Steam release

Page Updates – Check them out, let them know what you think!

Steam page

Cash Shop:

It’s a Bird… House

Moose’s Preview

Signature Packs now available (and some thoughts from Bardic)

Watch the world burn…

Jungle Trasks are back


CBDC May Theme Announced

ThaydFest 4 – May 22nd!!!!

Only You…

FABKits and How to Make Them Great Again

Heresy (Fan Comic – First Drafts)

Pew Pew Goes the Aurin


Spring Decor Pack is back

Get Gold in VoA…

Castle Pendragon

Do Weee Dooo!

Nexian Asguard


/Yell: Ep. 13 – MMOgames guest speaker

Aggrochat: Episode #107 – Objectifying Corgis

SGT Solj: WildStar Wednesdays Ep. 5

WildStar Wednesdays Ep. 6  

Cast Choice:

Behalter – Final Frontier guild page

Chestnut – Mental Health Awareness Month

Avidguru –  The Invisible Gamers

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