Okay, we are SUPER behind, and this episode is full of old news, BUT! it has the greatness of Gary Astleford added, so hopefully it all balances out.  We’re working on getting the next two episodes out as well, but, y’know – it’s 2016.  What can we say.


Amusing Farside tour bug

zPrix returned 10/7 – 10/11

Shade’s Eve returns 10/19!

NCSoft pumpkin carving contest


Hoverboards & Fortune 5

Epic rap that proceeded

Guild spotlight: Bloodpact

The Phuture from Pappy

New features coming with RMT update – CROSS FACTION!!!!!1!!11one

New Cosmic Rewards & Daily login rewards:

Cosmic Reward tier 7 – Panda stuff!

List of new Cosmic Rewards

New monthly rewards for Signature players!

Gamescom purple dye renamed, added to October Signature rewards 🙁  

Cash Shop:

Leeloo, the corgi pet!

More Leeloo

Video of new stuff from Mayor DasMoose

Madame Fay’s Frightful Fall Fortunes

Faction Pride store update

Citizen Decor packs video from DasMoose

Pirate hook!

Store updates:



List of current Madame Fay rewards



Peregryn’s Pernicious Promotions!

Skeletal Velocirex

Don’t. Blink.

Strange portal?

Flaming Girrok   View 2   View 3

Arrrrr you ready?

Disco Chua Ball!!!

Space monkey pet

Caydiem strikes!

Colored chairs!  And walls!


Rock Bro by Fusspot

Follow-up lore about Torine

The Loppening



September CBDC – Fairy Tales

October CBDC – Monsters!

Dress sketch from Kaeret

Podcasts & Videos:


The Orange Hatter: The Art of Questing

/Yell: Ep. 30 – Music Man Online

Dizzarian: Playthrough video – Ep 31

Cast Choice:

Chestnut – Stranger Things Buffy Style / Ludacris & DA:O / It’s Chestnut

Avidguru – Amazing X-Men cosplay / Space marine

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